Rachel Flynn

Rachel is an actor, writer, director and incredibly not-fast amateur runner who lives in New York City. Although she is best known for originating the role of Stoner Chick in Heathers the Musical, the promiscuous one with all the hair in DAVE the Musical, and the not-mean one with all the snacks in Ever After the Musical, it is worth noting that she has also won the Boston marathon twice, as long as we are defining "won" really loosely.


She creates art borne out of her (usually feminist) rage. She is partial to pigtails, even though she is "too grown for that" (Rachel's Mom, 2019), exactly half Middle Eastern (Rachel's Mom, 1987), and fully tired (no citation).


She once worked as a farm-hand and "historical re-enacter" at a Shaker museum. It went not great.

She has been described by Time Out New York as "smart and ubertalented", and Time Out subsequently rated her solo show "Rachel Flynn: There Will Be Feelings" (musical direction by Laurence O'Keefe) as a Critic's Pick, which was very nice of them.
She is a published author (co-contributing, weirdly, to a book about the history of the insanity defense), and an honors Harvard graduate.
She is probably at a diner.